Lessons of Love, Kindness, Letting go, and Going with the flow

A few weeks back I was talking with my partner about meditation, yoga, and inspiration. He had mentioned Bob Ross, and looked at me with a bit of a stunned look when I said I didn’t know who he was–I feel like there are a bunch of things I missed growing up as an only child.  So we searched for a video on Youtube and I soon became mesmerized by Bob Ross’s show, ” The Joy of Painting”. I’m sure a lot of you remember watching this show in the late eighties and nineties until its final show in 1994.

During the 26 or so odd minutes that Bob taught us how to paint a beautiful mountain landscape, I realized that he was teaching me, and who ever else has seen this video, a lot more than just how to paint. He infused this half-hour instructional video with reminders to let go, trust, and to be present, which is often taught in yoga and meditation. How awesome was it that he was doing this so everyone could tune in and watch in the comfort of their own homes?

Bob Ross was teaching mindfulness through painting, whether this was initially his intention on not, and I am thankful I have discovered him as an adult. Lessons, inspiration, and your mentors can be found all around you and can take on many different forms. Be open to the possibility of learning from every moment, every interaction  and infuse these lessons into every aspect of your life.

Rebecca xo