Happy Earth Day! I might be a little late, but celebrating nature should be something we do every moment of every day.  And look at this little baby deer, isn’t he the cutest?


Winter Dreaming

When its blowing snow outside, and the temperatures are lingering at – 20c with windchill, like most people, staying indoors is usually the more favoured choice.  I enjoy spending time at home  to reflect, relax,  learn, drink tea, and cuddle with my cat,  Yuna.
Today I gazed out the window to see a curtain of white snow swirl about the sky.  It made me think of home. I come from Kenora, Ontario, Canada a small town near the edges of the Ontario-Manitoba border.  For most of my life, frigid long winters were pretty normal, with temperatures dropping to -30 ( not including windchill) quite regularly. Getting dressed meant bundling up in layers, breaking a sweat while getting ready, and waddling your way outdoors… atleast I imagine my younger self waddling with all that winter gear on. But, despite those long hard winters, there is a lot of beauty  in that small town.  These images I took a few years ago, but its nice to be reminded to cherish the beauty in the season, and  the moments spent with friends, family, and pets.

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