Searching for Creativity


After graduating from university, it seems that keeping up with a creative flow  has gotten increasingly more difficult. The structure of a class setting is beautiful in guiding you into different ideas, projects, opportunities, and allowed you to go off and create whatever you desired ( almost), but once you leave, any sort of structure is up to you. You are the ones to push yourself to continue to create, evolve, learn, grow. For this,  I understand why some stay and school the majority of their life.

I‘ve always been a procrastinator, and sticking with a project long enough to complete it has also been a challenge. I get bored, I have to move on.  The numerous unfinished art projects that have cluttered my parents home, leaves me feeling slightly distressed.  The questions I have been asking myself lately is,  ” How does one find the creative energy and drive ? How do I create the life I want to live? What kind of life do I want to live?”. My partner can be incredibly focused on his projects, spend hours working on the production of a song he just created until he feel it is finished, often times forgetting to eat.  I call him a completion-ist, and this is one of the things that I admire most about him.

Okay, so how does one who doesn’t have much focus, is easily distracted, and is always hungry find that type of focus?? As of yet.. I don’t know.  This thought has troubled me always, and I have very easily taken to comparing myself to others while  being self- deprecating of myself as a creative individual. This is why I have decided to blab about it here on my blog, because  I could continue to sulk in my pit of I’ll-never-create-a-blog-like-so-and-so, or I can just get off my high horse and do something.

So I’m doing something. Writing, because it feels good to get your thoughts out of your head and onto a space where I can read it aloud.  I just started reading ” Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert–love this woman,  and I’ve started the engines . The search begins now.  And on this journey when I discover that beautiful thing called focus I shall be sure to tell you how I’ve found it, and on your own journey maybe you can find it too.

Until next time

Peace & Love