Finding Your Way Through The Fog


I am certain we have all had moments in our lives where we felt a bit lost.  Life can feel as if it is moving in a direction that we are unsure of, or maybe it feels as though its moving so fast that we are falling behind and losing sight of what is ahead.  Lately, I have been encountering these feelings a lot, and the more I have had time to sit and spend time with these thoughts,  I have realized my feelings are stemmed from the big shifts and changes that are occurring in my life and with those around me.

While these transitions can make us  feel like we’ve taken a wrong turn and headed somewhere we weren’t expecting (this can be good though!), I feel that the direction we are headed is the one we have ultimately chosen. That subtle or not so subtle shift in direction will for sure lead us on a path we have not yet travelled, but it is our conscious or maybe unconscious decision to make this change ( big or small) that we feel is both necessary and important. Taking that leap can leave us riddled with fear, anxiety, and worry, and we may second guess ourselves, but is that not normal when we are diving straight into the unknown? I always seem to have this image of astronauts, launching themselves into space. That, is really diving into the unknown.  The first step is always scary, or at least for me it always is, it is natural to feel this way. We are creatures of habit, and I’m sure I have talked about this before, but we have our rituals, straying from our typical routine can feel foreign, but sometimes it can feel right too!

I think it is really important to acknowledge whatever it is you feel, but stay open and receptive to what is to come next before you start bashing your own potential and worthiness. It’s a constant work in progress but learning to be really ‘ bad’ at something for a long time is how you get ‘good ‘at anything, really. Lots, and lots of dedication and practice. Anything new that I dive into always initially makes me feel nervous and sometimes overwhelmed. I remember the first yoga class I ever taught, I remember how nervous and terrified I was, but I also remember how it didn’t take long for me to just TRUST that everything was going to be okay. This has been a big thing for me, many of my fellow yoga teachers, close friends, and mentors have reminded me time and again, to TRUST that every is going to be fine, and that everything is going to happen as it should. It always does.

Coming back to this idea of trusting in the unfolding flow of the universe is what grounds me and brings me back to the present moment, that and focusing on my breath. Embrace and acknowledge that you may be afraid, unsure, and fearful and begin to ask yourself questions. When I stop to notice what I am feeling and why, I start to understand and see what I had not noticed before. You just might discover that you were never lost at all, but there was just a fog making it difficult to see what’s ahead. This is a good time to pause. Close your eyes.Take three really big breaths in through your nose. Slowly exhale. Open your eyes.

Love & Light

Rebecca xo


Lessons of Love, Kindness, Letting go, and Going with the flow

A few weeks back I was talking with my partner about meditation, yoga, and inspiration. He had mentioned Bob Ross, and looked at me with a bit of a stunned look when I said I didn’t know who he was–I feel like there are a bunch of things I missed growing up as an only child.  So we searched for a video on Youtube and I soon became mesmerized by Bob Ross’s show, ” The Joy of Painting”. I’m sure a lot of you remember watching this show in the late eighties and nineties until its final show in 1994.

During the 26 or so odd minutes that Bob taught us how to paint a beautiful mountain landscape, I realized that he was teaching me, and who ever else has seen this video, a lot more than just how to paint. He infused this half-hour instructional video with reminders to let go, trust, and to be present, which is often taught in yoga and meditation. How awesome was it that he was doing this so everyone could tune in and watch in the comfort of their own homes?

Bob Ross was teaching mindfulness through painting, whether this was initially his intention on not, and I am thankful I have discovered him as an adult. Lessons, inspiration, and your mentors can be found all around you and can take on many different forms. Be open to the possibility of learning from every moment, every interaction  and infuse these lessons into every aspect of your life.

Rebecca xo

The Journey within

In yoga, we acknowledge that the journey begins when we allow ourselves to let things go,  in order to create space for new things, opportunities, or experiences.  Often, that sense of release occurs when being still– for me its especially after a dynamic Asana practice. When you are still you are able to take everything in, you can sit and observe your surroundings, and your internal workings. Through the stillness, the quiet, you can go deeper.  Every time you close your eyes and sit still, even if for a few moments, you allow yourself to peel away layers of yourself.

Do you ever eat Ferrero Rocher’s( If you don’t know what these are its a chocolate with hazelnut filling in the center) by biting them in half, revealing the best part, the gooey hazelnut centre? You know with every box of these chocolates there is that sweet gooey deliciousness inside, you just have to take that first bite to discover it.  That sweetness, authentic-ness, wholeness,  truth, love, or whatever word you would like to use, is within every single human being, you just have to take that first  little bite to tap into it.  Seek it out, and you shall find it.